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"As everyone knows mirrors reflect the light that falls onto it and with that in mind it makes sense that also thoughts and feeling can be reflected. If I have a good thought, that will be reflected back at me, and the same thing goes for bad thoughts and feelings. This makes a lot of sense for me!"

Z.Türker (Physicist)

"As soon as I started wearing my mirror necklace, I immediately felt its effect and a change in my life! Thank you very, very much! I strongly believe in it's effect."

Nilgün U. Mataraci

"Coincidentally I found SmoS and while I was just looking for a present for a friend here, I decided I would also buy myself a necklace. I recommend it! The pieces are unique and very elegant. Thank you!"

Anna T.

"I have bought the beautiful SMOS mirror as I was fascinated with its design and the founder's story behind this jewelry. I am a positive person myself so I decided to give it a try to see how this mirror can affect my daily life. Besides great complements from my friends and colleagues on the mezmorizing jewelry, I have also noticed some behavioural changes - every time I saw the mirror I was reminded that I am protected by some special power and it made me feel great. The mirror intensifies my powers to attract greatness into my life and to help others close to me to attract more happiness into their life.I am great friends with the founder Sedef Onar and I value her as a person a lot. To be able to wear something designed by her gives me great energy!"

Juliet Arndt