Mirror Jewelry

Mirror jewelry by SmoS

unique pieces of jewelry with a deep meaning

Forgotten for a long time but extremely unique; mirror jewelry has been rediscovered and is being brought to you by SmoS. What is mirror jewelry? Primarily, the symbolism of mirrors which is found in every single piece is of importance. Acknowledging our reflection in the mirror has played a big role in our lives since the beginning of time, and we are confronted by it daily. SmoS will whisk you away into a world filled with symbolism and sparkly beauty.
Mirrors are allegories for clarity and truth
For many years mirrors have been of great importance to mankind. A mirror has the power to show you all facets of yourself and thus the power to allow yourself to deal with these facets. These are characteristics you will find in SmoS jewelry. The most interesting feature of these extraordinary jewelry pieces is that of protecting you from the negativity that you might receive from your environment. All pieces are handmade and are easy and comfortable to carry, without being intrusive. With these pieces you have the ability to preserve your energy and strength, whilst adding fashionable accents to your daily life.
Not only is the SmoS jewelry collection a fashionable highlight, but every model has its own profound meaning and background. Here are some examples of our diversified jewelry:

A large, round mirror provides the base of the pieces, which already is the first connection to the meaning of the jewelry. The mirrors are cut in a way that they reflect in all directions.

  • LARENTIA: Rome, Goddess of the Earth. Noble mother. Symbolizes fertility and growth, and a lively entity.
  • LOTUS: Multilayered structure of the lotus flower is to be seen in the cut of the mirror. The lotus symbolizes purity and loyalty to oneself. Its ability to reject dirt has allowed the lotus to become a symbol of purity and illumination.
Every single piece of handcrafted jewelry tells its own story
The mirror shows the true colors behind a facade, a mask, like C. G. Jung once said. Our jewelry allows you to own a piece that will accompany you through your life, for a lifetime.
But how was this mirror jewelry rediscovered?
Not unlike many other success stories, it all began with an experience. Sedef Onar, the designer of SmoS, was confronted with a number of problems after moving into a new house. After these problems did not seem to come to an end, a friend of hers advised her to hang a mirror in her house, to drive away all the negative energy. After she followed her friend's advice, all problems disappeared. At this point she had decided to wear a mirror at all times, in a fashionable but also tender manner, and thus, SmoS was born.
Mirror jewelry as a gift can be used as an expression of appreciation
Gifting mirrors is an old tradition and is found in many cultures. In older times, it was considered as a sign of appreciation, when a man would present his beloved with a mirror; this action would express that in his eyes, nothing is more beautiful than her face, which can be seen in a mirror. This tradition is continuing in our days. Our mirror jewelry can be a way for you to show your beloved one, how much you appreciate them.